Rejuvenating your online brand

In a competitive market, it can become hard to stand out among all the noise when everyone is using the same tools and showing up in the same places to get the customer’s attention. Many brands constantly fade in and out of existence if they don’t invest in innovative ways for maintaining communication with their segmented market and reinvigorating their products.

Dove understood this very well when their brand was losing traction in the 90’s. This forced them to take action in one of the most critically acclaimed approaches. After 40 years of pushing the functional aspects of their main products, their audience got a little tired of their original value proposition as a cleansing bar that beautified your skin. That’s when Dove’s executives decided to conduct some market research in order to find out what women were going through at the time.

Through this research, they found that only 2% of women saw themselves as beautiful. This became the inspiration for an incredibly revolutionary shift for Dove. They decided they were going to take a stand for all women by making them feel better about themselves and helping them feel more beautiful. They started sending a message that said: “This person that isn’t a supermodel can be outstanding.”. With such an avant-garde marketing approach, the media went wild over the somewhat controversial videos they released. Even though people debated on whether the messages were right or wrong, Dove still received the intended attention and properly communicated what the brand was trying to say.

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton

The following video shows one of Dove’s most recent video campaigns where they express how women look at themselves much differently than the rest of society. The brand qualifies what beauty really is, thus challenging the norms that society and the cosmetic industry have created around us.

With the multiple integrated methods of communication, such as billboards, print ads, Super Bowl commercials, viral videos and self-esteem workshops, these campaigns contributed to a significant reinforcement and strengthening of the brand. This also resulted in a total increase of 1.2 billion dollars in growth, thus showing how the ability to marry lots of different approaches in communicating an overall message is crucial for brand success.

By taking the typical supermodel beauty stereotype and turning it on its head, Dove revolutionized pop culture and rejuvenated their value proposition in a way that completely differentiated them from anyone else.

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